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Submitting Poetry for Money: Opportunities and Guidelines

January 19, 2024 by JoyAnswer.org, Category : Writing

Where to submit poetry for money? Explore opportunities and guidelines for submitting poetry for money. This article provides insights into platforms and publications that offer compensation for published poetry, along with submission guidelines.

Submitting Poetry for Money: Opportunities and Guidelines

Where to submit poetry for money?

Submitting poetry for payment can be a rewarding endeavor, and there are several opportunities available. Here are some platforms and publications that offer payment for poetry submissions:

  1. Literary Magazines and Journals:

    • Many literary magazines pay poets for their work. Some well-established journals that offer payment include:
      • The New Yorker
      • The Paris Review
      • AGNI
      • Ploughshares
      • The Southern Review
  2. Online Magazines:

    • Some online literary magazines and publications pay poets for their contributions. Explore platforms like:
      • The Sun Magazine
      • The Rumpus
      • Palette Poetry
      • Copper Nickel
  3. Poetry Contests:

    • Numerous poetry contests offer cash prizes and publication opportunities. Check out contests organized by organizations such as:
      • Academy of American Poets
      • Poetry Foundation
      • Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest
      • The Kenyon Review
      • Winning Writers
  4. Small Presses:

    • Some small independent presses pay poets for collections or individual poems. Research small presses that align with your style and submit your work to those that offer compensation.
  5. Literary Agents:

    • Literary agents can help poets secure book deals with publishers, and poets receive advances and royalties. While not all poets use agents, having one can be beneficial for navigating the publishing industry.
  6. Anthologies and Magazines with Theme-Specific Calls:

    • Some anthologies and magazines pay poets for contributions related to specific themes. Look for calls for submissions that offer payment.
  7. Paid Online Platforms:

    • Some online platforms pay poets for their work. Research websites that compensate poets for publishing their poetry.
  8. Poetry Book Publishers:

    • Traditional poetry book publishers may offer advances and royalties to poets. Consider submitting a manuscript to reputable poetry book publishers.
  9. Community and Cultural Magazines:

    • Local or cultural magazines may pay poets for work that aligns with their themes. Explore opportunities with regional publications.
  10. Educational Publishers:

    • Some educational publishers include poetry in their publications and pay poets for their contributions. Check for opportunities with publishers producing educational materials.

When submitting poetry for money, it's essential to carefully review the submission guidelines of each platform or publication. Guidelines often provide information on formatting, payment rates, response times, and any specific themes or styles they are seeking. Additionally, consider building a portfolio of published work and continuously refining your craft to increase your chances of acceptance.

Remember that the competition can be fierce, and acceptance rates vary. Persistence and dedication to your craft are crucial in navigating the poetry submission process.

Turning verses into currency! Navigating the world of paid poetry opportunities can be exhilarating, but requires thoughtful exploration. Here's your guide to monetizing your poetic prowess:

1. Financial Havens for Poetry:

  • Literary Magazines: Prestigious publications like Poetry Magazine, Poetry Northwest, and The Atlantic offer sizable honorariums for accepted poems.
  • Contests and Awards: Numerous contests like the National Poetry Series, Academy of American Poets' Walt Whitman Award, and the Rona Jaffe Foundation Writer's Award boast substantial prize money.
  • Anthologies and Collections: Some editors and presses seek poems for curated anthologies, offering payment per poem or royalties on sales.
  • Online Platforms: Several websites like Substack, Patreon, and Vocal allow poets to build audiences and monetize their work through subscriptions, direct donations, or pay-per-view models.

2. Financial Rewards and Recognition:

  • Pay varies significantly: From symbolic honorariums to lucrative prizes, research individual opportunities to understand potential rewards.
  • Publications with established reputations often provide higher compensation.
  • Winning prestigious contests can bring wider recognition and open doors to other monetization opportunities.

3. Navigating the Path to Paid Verse:

  • Research extensively: Explore online databases like Submittable, Duotrope, and Poet's Market for updated opportunities.
  • Target your submissions: Match your style and themes to platforms and contests with a history of rewarding similar work.
  • Network and build connections: Participate in readings, online communities, and workshops to learn and discover new opportunities.
  • Build an online presence: Showcase your work on platforms like your website, social media, or a dedicated literary journal.

4. Considerations for Financial Poetry:

  • Understand submission guidelines and fee structures: Some contests have entry fees, others have delayed or contingent payment schedules.
  • Be mindful of copyright and ownership: Read contracts carefully to understand rights and potential limitations on your work.
  • Prepare for rejections: Not every submission will pay off. Persistence, refinement, and continuous learning are key.

5. Reputable Platforms and Organizations:

  • The Academy of American Poets: They offer grants, fellowships, and awards that recognize and support poets.
  • National Endowment for the Arts: Provides creative writing fellowships and grants for established and emerging poets.
  • Poets & Writers: This non-profit organization offers resources, guidelines, and information on various poetry grants and awards.
  • Literary Journals and Presses with a history of paying contributors: Research their track record and editorial focus to find suitable outlets.


Monetizing your poetry takes time, effort, and strategic planning. Research, refine your craft, network, and persevere. Beyond financial rewards, enjoy the journey of sharing your creative voice and connecting with fellow wordsmiths.

With dedication and a good dose of poetic savvy, you can navigate the exciting world of paid poetry and transform your verses into valuable currency. Go forth and weave your financial fairy tale, one stanza at a time!

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