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Submitting Poetry: Finding the Right Platforms

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Where can I submit poetry? Discover where you can submit poetry. This guide provides information on finding the right platforms, including literary journals and online publications, to submit your poetry for consideration.

Submitting Poetry: Finding the Right Platforms

Where can I submit poetry?

Submitting poetry can be an exciting step in sharing your work with a wider audience. There are various literary journals, magazines, online platforms, and contests that accept poetry submissions. Here are some popular platforms where you can submit your poetry:

  1. Literary Magazines and Journals:

    • Many literary magazines and journals publish poetry. Some well-known ones include:
      • The Paris Review
      • Poetry Magazine
      • The New Yorker
      • The Kenyon Review
      • Ploughshares
  2. Online Poetry Magazines:

    • Several online platforms exclusively focus on poetry. Examples include:
      • Rattle
      • The Adroit Journal
      • Verse Daily
      • The Poetry Foundation's website
  3. Poetry Contests:

    • Participating in poetry contests can provide opportunities for recognition and publication. Look for reputable contests from organizations such as:
      • Academy of American Poets
      • Poetry Society of America
      • Poets & Writers
  4. Literary Agents:

    • Literary agents represent authors, including poets, to publishers. While not all poets use agents, having one can assist in navigating the publishing industry. Research and query literary agents who specialize in poetry.
  5. Small Presses:

    • Small independent presses often publish poetry collections. Research and submit your work to presses that align with your style and themes.
  6. Online Writing Communities:

    • Platforms like Wattpad, Medium, or Scribophile allow writers to share their work and receive feedback. While these platforms may not always lead to traditional publication, they provide an opportunity to connect with readers.
  7. University Presses:

    • Some university presses have poetry series and accept submissions. Explore university press websites and submission guidelines.
  8. Anthologies:

    • Anthologies collect works from multiple authors around a specific theme. Look for calls for submissions to anthologies that resonate with your poetry.
  9. Poetry Blogs:

    • Some bloggers curate poetry on their websites and may accept submissions. Research poetry blogs and follow their submission guidelines.
  10. Social Media Platforms:

    • Share your poetry on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Some publications and literary agents discover poets through social media.

Remember to carefully review the submission guidelines of each platform before submitting your work. Guidelines typically include details about formatting, submission procedures, and any specific themes or styles they are looking for. Additionally, it's advisable to read samples of the platform's published poetry to ensure that your work aligns with their preferences.

Keep in mind that the literary world is competitive, and rejection is a common part of the submission process. Stay persistent, continue refining your craft, and explore a variety of platforms to find the right fit for your poetry.

The world of poetry publishing offers a vibrant landscape for budding bards to share their voice. Here's a guide to navigate submission opportunities:

1. Submission Havens:

A plethora of outlets welcome poetry submissions, from established literary magazines and journals to online platforms and smaller presses. Here are some options:

  • Literary Magazines: The New Yorker, Poetry Magazine, Ploughshares, The American Poetry Review, Poetry International, are some renowned names.
  • Journals: Academy of American Poets, Rattle, Crab Orchard Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Narrative offer diverse platforms.
  • Online Platforms: Submittable, Duotrope, Lit Hub, Poet's Market, Writer's Digest offer access to numerous opportunities.
  • Small Presses: Many independent presses focus on poetry collections, offering unique opportunities for publication.

2. Submission Guidelines:

Each platform has specific guidelines for formatting, length, and simultaneous submissions. Be sure to read them carefully before sending your work. Common requirements include:

  • Format: Most prefer digital submissions in standard document formats like DOC or PDF.
  • Length: Limits vary, but typically range from 3-5 poems per submission.
  • Simultaneous Submissions: Some platforms accept simultaneous submissions, while others request exclusive rights during review periods.

3. Finding the Right Fit:

Identifying suitable outlets depends on your poetic style and thematic focus. Consider these factors:

  • Genre: Does the platform publish work similar to your style (free verse, haiku, concrete poetry)?
  • Theme: Do your poems align with the platform's thematic interests or editorial focus?
  • Readership: Who are the target readers? Will your work resonate with them?
  • Rejection Rates: Research acceptance rates to gauge your chances and adjust expectations.

4. Exposure and Portfolio Building:

Submitting your work offers numerous benefits beyond publication:

  • Feedback and Growth: Receive valuable feedback from editors and reviewers, honing your craft.
  • Publication Credits: Published poems enhance your portfolio and credibility.
  • Networking and Community: Connect with other poets and editors through online platforms and readings.
  • Awards and Recognition: Winning contests or awards can bring wider recognition and opportunities.


Rejection is a natural part of the submission process. Don't be discouraged; use it as a learning opportunity. Persistence, patience, and continuous refinement of your craft will pave the way for success.

So, explore the plethora of options, research guidelines, find your niche, and let your words take flight! With dedication and persistence, you can navigate the vibrant world of poetry publishing and share your unique voice with the world.

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