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Fiscal Law Courses for Military Personnel: Exploring Educational Opportunities

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Where can I take a fiscal law course in the Army?Discover where military personnel can access fiscal law courses, often offered through specialized educational institutions or training centers.

Fiscal Law Courses for Military Personnel: Exploring Educational Opportunities

Where can I take a fiscal law course in the Army?

Military personnel, including those in the Army, have access to various educational opportunities, including fiscal law courses. Here are some options for taking fiscal law courses in the Army:

  1. Army Financial Management School (AFMS):

    • The AFMS, located at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, offers a variety of financial management courses, including those related to fiscal law. These courses are designed to provide military personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate financial and fiscal responsibilities within the Army.
  2. Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS):

    • DFAS provides financial and accounting services for the Department of Defense. While they may not offer specific fiscal law courses, they do offer resources and training materials that can be valuable for military personnel seeking to enhance their understanding of fiscal matters.
  3. Joint Ethics Regulation (JER) Training:

    • The Department of Defense provides training on ethics and fiscal law through the Joint Ethics Regulation. Military personnel can access online training modules and resources to familiarize themselves with the ethical and legal considerations related to fiscal matters.
  4. Defense Acquisition University (DAU):

    • While primarily focused on acquisition and contracting, DAU offers courses that touch on fiscal law and financial management. Military personnel involved in procurement and financial aspects of acquisition may find relevant courses through DAU.
  5. Online Learning Platforms:

    • Military personnel can also explore online learning platforms that offer fiscal law courses. Websites such as Skillport, Army e-Learning, or other platforms approved by the military may have courses on fiscal law topics.
  6. Continuing Education Centers on Military Bases:

    • Many military bases have education centers that offer a range of courses, including those related to finance and fiscal law. Check with the education center on your base for information on available courses and resources.
  7. Military Service-Specific Training Centers:

    • Each military service has its own training centers and schools. For example, the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) or other service-specific training commands may offer fiscal law courses as part of their curriculum.
  8. Consulting with Unit Training Officers:

    • Military personnel can consult with their unit training officers or career counselors to inquire about available fiscal law courses and training opportunities. These officers can provide information on relevant courses and how to enroll.

It's essential for military personnel to check with their local education offices, training centers, and online platforms approved by their respective services for the most accurate and up-to-date information on fiscal law courses. Additionally, individual career and education counselors within the military can provide guidance on educational opportunities that align with professional development goals.

Where within the Army can one access courses on fiscal law?

Accessing courses on fiscal law within the Army depends on your specific role and needs. Here are some options:

Formal Courses:

  • The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center & School (TJAGLCS): TJAGLCS offers several courses relevant to fiscal law, including:
    • Comptrollers Accreditation and Fiscal Law Course: A mandatory course for Army personnel seeking accreditation in the Comptroller Accreditation Program.
    • 93rd Fiscal Law Course: An advanced course for lawyers and other specialists on complex fiscal law topics.
    • National Security Law Paralegal (NSL-P) Distance Learning Course: Covers fiscal law alongside other legal topics relevant to national security operations.
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE): USACE offers:
    • USACE Fiscal Law Refresher Course: A mandatory annual refresher course for personnel handling government funds.
    • Additional non-tuition and tuition courses on construction project budgeting and finance.

Online Resources:

  • JAG University: TJAGLCS online training platform offering fiscal law resources, including recordings of past courses and materials.
  • Army Learning Management System (ALMS): Searchable platform for various Army training materials, including potential resources on fiscal law.
  • Militarysaves.org: Provides financial education resources for military personnel, including information on budgets and spending.

Additional Points:

  • Unit Training: Your unit might offer specific training or resources on fiscal law relevant to your role.
  • On-the-Job Learning: Working with experienced personnel in finance or legal roles can provide valuable practical knowledge about fiscal law.
  • Contact Resources: If unsure about your options, reach out to your chain of command, unit training personnel, or relevant legal or financial office for guidance.

Remember, accessing appropriate fiscal law training depends on your specific needs and role within the Army. Utilize the resources mentioned above and don't hesitate to seek guidance from relevant personnel to ensure you acquire the necessary knowledge.

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