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CNN Availability on Xfinity: Channel Information

January 8, 2024 by JoyAnswer.org, Category : Entertainment

Is CNN on Xfinity? Providing information on the availability of CNN on the Xfinity network, detailing channel specifics for viewers.

CNN Availability on Xfinity: Channel Information

Is CNN on Xfinity?

CNN was available on Xfinity across different packages and plans. However, channel lineups and availability can vary based on your location and the specific Xfinity package you have. CNN is generally part of the standard cable packages offered by Xfinity, but it might be in different channel numbers depending on your region.

To find the exact channel number for CNN on Xfinity in your area, you can check your Xfinity channel lineup online by visiting the Xfinity website or logging into your Xfinity account. Alternatively, you can also use the Xfinity TV guide on your TV or the Xfinity Stream app to search for CNN in your channel listings. If you're having trouble finding it, contacting Xfinity customer service can also help clarify the channel number for CNN in your specific location and package.

Availability of CNN on Xfinity: channel information and access

CNN availability on Xfinity:

Good news! CNN is widely available on Xfinity cable TV packages. Here's the information you need:


  • CNN: Channel 45 in most Xfinity regions.
  • CNN Headline News: Channel 43 in most Xfinity regions.


  • Basic Tier: CNN and CNN Headline News are included in the Xfinity Basic Tier, so you should have access as long as you have cable TV service.
  • Expanded Basic Tier: If you have the Expanded Basic Tier, you'll have access to additional channels, including CNN International and HLN2.

Additional options:

  • Xfinity Stream app: You can also watch CNN and CNN Headline News live through the Xfinity Stream app on your mobile device, computer, or streaming device, provided your Xfinity TV subscription includes those channels.
  • On Demand: On-demand content and past episodes of CNN shows may be available through the Xfinity On Demand library, depending on your specific package.


  • You can always check your specific channel lineup by visiting the Xfinity website or using the Xfinity app.
  • If you're having trouble accessing CNN, contact Xfinity customer support for assistance.

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