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AARP Smart Driver Course: Comprehensive Driver Safety Training

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What is the AARP smart drivers course?Explore the AARP Smart Driver Course, an extensive driver safety training program designed to enhance driving skills and safety awareness among older adults.

AARP Smart Driver Course: Comprehensive Driver Safety Training

What is the AARP smart drivers course?

The AARP Smart Driver Course, formerly known as AARP Driver Safety Program, is a comprehensive driver safety training program designed for individuals aged 50 and older. This course is developed and administered by AARP, a leading organization that focuses on issues affecting older Americans. The AARP Smart Driver Course is aimed at helping older drivers refresh their driving skills, stay current with changes in road rules, and reduce the risk of accidents.

Key features of the AARP Smart Driver Course include:

  1. Safety Education:

    • The course covers essential safety information, including defensive driving techniques, strategies for handling adverse driving conditions, and tips for avoiding collisions.
  2. Traffic Laws and Regulations:

    • Participants learn about current traffic laws and regulations, including updates and changes that may have occurred since their last driver education experience. This knowledge helps ensure that drivers are aware of and comply with relevant laws.
  3. Vehicle Technologies:

    • The course provides information on new vehicle technologies and features. Understanding the capabilities and limitations of modern vehicle systems can enhance safety on the road.
  4. Driver Attitude and Behavior:

    • Participants gain insights into the impact of attitude and behavior on driving safety. The course encourages responsible and courteous driving habits, emphasizing the importance of sharing the road with other drivers and pedestrians.
  5. Reducing Traffic Violations:

    • Completion of the AARP Smart Driver Course may lead to benefits such as point reduction on driving records and insurance premium discounts. These benefits can vary by state and insurance provider.
  6. Interactive Format:

    • The course is typically offered in an interactive format, allowing participants to engage with the material through discussions, activities, and multimedia presentations.
  7. In-Person and Online Options:

    • The AARP Smart Driver Course is available both in-person and online. Participants can choose the format that best suits their preferences and schedules.
  8. Certificate of Completion:

    • Upon successfully completing the course, participants may receive a certificate of completion. This certificate can be submitted to insurance providers to qualify for potential premium discounts.
  9. Periodic Refresher:

    • AARP recommends taking the Smart Driver Course as a refresher every few years. This helps older drivers stay informed about changes in traffic laws and road conditions.

It's important to note that the AARP Smart Driver Course is not a behind-the-wheel driving test. Instead, it focuses on educational content aimed at promoting safe driving practices and reducing the risk of accidents among older drivers.

To enroll in the AARP Smart Driver Course or to get more detailed information about the program, you can visit the official AARP website or contact AARP directly. Additionally, you can check for course availability and schedules in your local area.

What does the AARP smart drivers course cover and entail?

The AARP Smart Driver course covers a variety of topics related to safe driving, including:

Driving Skills and Techniques:

  • Safe driving principles: This includes topics like the importance of avoiding distractions, maintaining a safe following distance, and using proper lane positioning.
  • Traffic law review: The course refreshes your knowledge of essential traffic laws and regulations to help you stay compliant and avoid citations.
  • Vehicle safety and maintenance: Learn how to properly maintain your vehicle for optimal performance and safety, including tire care, fluid checks, and brake inspection.
  • Driving in different conditions: The course provides tips and strategies for driving safely in various conditions, such as poor weather, night driving, and rural roads.

Defensive Driving Strategies:

  • Hazard recognition and anticipation: Learn how to identify potential dangers on the road and anticipate how other drivers might react to avoid collisions.
  • Decision-making: The course focuses on developing sound decision-making skills behind the wheel, considering various factors like traffic flow, weather conditions, and road hazards.
  • Risk assessment: Learn to evaluate the risks associated with different driving situations and make informed choices to minimize potential dangers.
  • Defensive driving maneuvers: The course covers essential maneuvers like emergency braking, skid control, and evasive techniques to enhance your ability to handle unexpected situations.

Age-Related Driving Concerns:

  • Physical changes and driving: The course addresses how age-related physical changes can affect driving ability and provides strategies for adapting your driving behavior accordingly.
  • Medication awareness: Learn how certain medications can impact your driving and how to manage their effects to ensure safe driving.
  • Vision and hearing: The course emphasizes the importance of good vision and hearing for safe driving and provides tips for maintaining optimal sensory function.

The AARP Smart Driver course typically involves:

  • Online modules: The course is primarily delivered through interactive online modules that include videos, animations, quizzes, and real-life scenarios.
  • Self-paced learning: You can complete the course at your own pace and on your own schedule, making it convenient for busy individuals.
  • Flexible access: The course is accessible from any device with internet access, allowing you to learn from anywhere.
  • Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion that may qualify you for discounts on your auto insurance.

Additional Course Options:

  • AARP Smart DriverTEK℠ Workshop: This hands-on workshop combines the online course with a driving evaluation with a certified AARP Smart DriverTEK℠ instructor.
  • AARP Smart Driver Classroom Course: This traditional classroom-based course provides a more social learning environment for those who prefer in-person instruction.

It is important to note that the specific content and format of the AARP Smart Driver course may vary depending on your state. For more information about the course offerings in your area, please visit the AARP Driver Safety website.

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