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'X' on NCO Performance Rating: Performance Significance

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What does X mean on an NCO performance rating? Understand the meaning of 'X' on an NCO performance rating. This article explains the significance of this designation in evaluating NCO performance.

'X' on NCO Performance Rating: Performance Significance

What does X mean on an NCO performance rating?

In the context of an NCOER (Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report), an "X" in the performance rating or evaluation signifies that the rated NCO's performance in a particular area is not observed or could not be assessed during the rating period.

The "X" designation is used when the rating official or rater has insufficient information or did not have the opportunity to observe and evaluate the NCO's performance in a specific area or competency. It could indicate that the NCO did not have any duties or responsibilities related to that particular aspect of the evaluation during the rating period, or there was not enough evidence available for assessment.

It's essential to note that the "X" designation should be used judiciously and only when there is a genuine lack of opportunity to assess the NCO's performance in a specific area, rather than as a default or substitute for a proper evaluation.

When an "X" is used in an NCOER, it signals to the reviewing authorities that there was no observation or insufficient information available to provide a performance rating in that specific area during the evaluation period.

In Non-commissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOERs), an "X" rating signifies that the rater was unable to accurately assess the NCO's performance in a specific area due to insufficient information or observation. This rating is used when the rater did not have the opportunity to observe the NCO's performance in a particular area or when the available information was inconclusive.

Interpretation of an 'X' Rating

An "X" rating is not a negative reflection of the NCO's overall performance. Instead, it indicates that the rater needs more information to make an informed judgment about the NCO's competencies in that particular area. The rating does not imply that the NCO is performing poorly in that area; it simply means that there is not enough data to make a definitive assessment.

Implications of an 'X' Rating

The presence of "X" ratings in an NCOER can prompt further discussion between the rater and the NCO to clarify the NCO's performance in the areas where information is lacking. It may also prompt the NCO to seek additional opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities in those areas.

Overall, an "X" rating in an NCOER is not a cause for alarm but rather an indication that more information is needed to make a comprehensive assessment of the NCO's performance. The NCO should use this feedback as an opportunity to seek guidance from their supervisor and identify ways to showcase their skills in the areas where "X" ratings were assigned.

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