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Highest ASVAB Line Scores: Maximum Scoring

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What are the highest ASVAB line scores possible? Explore the highest achievable line scores in the ASVAB test. This article discusses the maximum attainable scores in different ASVAB test sections.

Highest ASVAB Line Scores: Maximum Scoring

What are the highest ASVAB line scores possible?

The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is a standardized test used by the United States military to assess and predict the qualifications of applicants for enlistment. The ASVAB consists of various subtests, and each subtest contributes to different line scores that are used to determine eligibility for specific military jobs or career fields.

The highest possible score on each ASVAB subtest is typically 99, and the total ASVAB score is the sum of the individual subtest scores. The line scores are derived from specific combinations of subtests and are used by the military to match individuals with jobs that align with their abilities and skills.

The line scores are categorized based on the different components of the ASVAB, and each line score has its own maximum. Here are some of the highest possible ASVAB line scores:

  1. General Science (GS):

    • Maximum Score: 145
  2. Arithmetic Reasoning (AR):

    • Maximum Score: 145
  3. Word Knowledge (WK):

    • Maximum Score: 145
  4. Paragraph Comprehension (PC):

    • Maximum Score: 145
  5. Mathematics Knowledge (MK):

    • Maximum Score: 145
  6. Electronics Information (EI):

    • Maximum Score: 151
  7. Auto and Shop Information (AS):

    • Maximum Score: 151
  8. Mechanical Comprehension (MC):

    • Maximum Score: 152
  9. Assembling Objects (AO):

    • Maximum Score: 151
  10. Verbal Expression (VE):

    • The VE score is a combination of Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension scores.

It's important to note that the ASVAB is regularly updated, and specific scoring details may change over time. Additionally, the military may use different versions of the ASVAB, and the scoring scales can vary. Applicants should refer to the most recent information provided by the military for the most accurate details on ASVAB scoring. The scores are percentiles, meaning they indicate the percentage of test-takers who scored lower than you on that particular subtest or line score.

What are the maximum achievable ASVAB line scores?

The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) utilizes percentile scores for each of its nine subtests and three composite scores. This means that a score of 99, for instance, indicates that you performed better than 99% of test-takers in that specific area.

Therefore, the maximum achievable line score for each subtest and composite score is 99.

Here's a breakdown of the ASVAB line scores:

SubtestDescriptionMaximum Score
AFQTArmed Forces Qualification Test (composite score)99
ASArithmetic Reasoning99
WKWord Knowledge99
PCParagraph Comprehension99
MKMathematics Knowledge99
EIElectronics Information99
GSGeneral Science99
MCMechanical Comprehension99
AOAutomotive Information99

There is no single "highest" ASVAB score as different branches and jobs within the military have different score requirements. However, a score of 99 in any subtest or composite score indicates exceptional performance.

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