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Free Online Courses with Certification: Accessing No-Cost Certification

December 17, 2023 by JoyAnswer.org, Category : Education

Are there free online courses with free certification? Discover free online courses that offer certification upon completion. Explore educational resources providing certification without associated costs.

Free Online Courses with Certification: Accessing No-Cost Certification

Are there free online courses with free certification?

Yes, there are several platforms that offer free online courses with the option to obtain a certificate upon completion. These certificates can be a valuable addition to your resume or professional profile. Here are some platforms where you can find free online courses with certification:

  1. Coursera:

    • Coursera offers a variety of free courses from top universities and institutions. While the courses are free to audit, you may need to pay if you want to receive a verified certificate. However, financial aid is often available for those who qualify.
  2. edX:

    • Similar to Coursera, edX provides access to free courses from universities worldwide. Certificates of completion are available for free, or you can choose to purchase a verified certificate.
  3. Khan Academy:

    • Khan Academy offers a wide range of free courses in subjects like math, science, economics, and more. While the platform doesn't provide certificates in the traditional sense, you can earn badges and points as you complete exercises.
  4. LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com):

    • LinkedIn Learning offers a one-month free trial that allows you to access its extensive library of courses. During the trial period, you can complete courses and receive certificates of completion.
  5. Google Digital Garage:

    • Google Digital Garage provides free courses on digital marketing, career development, and more. Certificates are available for download after completing the courses.
  6. HubSpot Academy:

    • HubSpot Academy offers free courses on inbound marketing, content marketing, and sales. Certificates are provided upon course completion.
  7. Alison:

    • Alison offers a wide range of free online courses with certificates. The platform covers various subjects, including business, technology, health, and more.
  8. MIT OpenCourseWare:

    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers free access to course materials from a wide range of subjects. While not all courses provide certificates, you can still benefit from the high-quality educational content.
  9. Harvard Online Learning:

    • Harvard University provides free online courses through edX. While you can audit the courses for free, you may choose to pay for a verified certificate.
  10. FutureLearn:

    • FutureLearn offers a variety of free courses from universities and institutions around the world. Certificates of achievement are often available for free, while upgraded certificates may require payment.

Remember that while these platforms may offer free courses and certificates, there may be additional fees for more advanced features or services. Additionally, the availability of free certificates is subject to change, so it's a good idea to check the specific terms on each platform.

Are there any online courses offering free certification upon completion?

Yes, there are definitely online courses offering free certifications upon completion! In fact, there are quite a few options depending on your interests and career goals. Here are some places to explore:

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs):

  • Coursera: Coursera offers a variety of free courses with certificates from top universities and companies like Google, IBM, and Yale. While some courses have paid certificate options, many offer free "Statements of Accomplishment" upon completion. You can filter courses by "price: free" to find these options.
  • edX: Similar to Coursera, edX offers free courses with certificates from prestigious institutions like MIT, Harvard, and Berkeley. They also have a "Professional Certificates" program with paid certificates but still offer valuable learning paths and skills development.
  • Udacity: Udacity specializes in tech-related courses and Nanodegree programs. While their Nanodegrees are paid, they offer "Intro to Tech" courses with free certificates in various tech fields like programming, data science, and cybersecurity.

Other Platforms:

  • Skillshare: Skillshare has a library of creative and business-oriented courses with "Skillshare Originals" offering free certificates upon completion. These courses cover topics like marketing, design, photography, and writing.
  • LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn Learning offers a limited selection of free courses with certificates, mainly focused on business and professional development skills. You can sign up for a free trial to access these courses.
  • Google Digital Garage: Google Digital Garage offers free beginner-friendly courses in digital marketing and e-commerce with certificates issued by Google upon completion. This is a great option for anyone interested in online marketing.

Additional Resources:

  • Class Central: This website allows you to search and filter online courses from various platforms, including free courses with certificates. You can filter by topic, platform, and certificate availability.
  • Open Culture: Open Culture compiles a massive list of free online courses and educational resources from universities and cultural institutions around the world. While not all have certificates, it's a great resource for finding quality learning materials.

Please note:

  • The value of the certificates might vary depending on the issuing institution and the course content. Some certificates may be seen as more credible than others in the job market.
  • While the courses are free, some platforms might require you to create an account or have paid certificate options available.
  • Be sure to read the course descriptions carefully to understand the learning objectives and certificate requirements before enrolling.

I hope this gives you a good starting point for exploring online courses with free certifications! If you have any specific interests or career goals, I can help you find relevant courses on these platforms. Just let me know how I can assist you further.

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